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Just a couple of quick tips to make your life a little easier. These tips have worked for us in the past so we will pass them on to you. Make sure you take whatever safety precautions necessary and read instructions on the products we recommend. Following our advice is done so at your own risk. A. Ramos will not be held responsible for anything that may go wrong.

Patio Cleaning

Best way to clean a patio - is to hire/buy a jetwash and use a recommended patio cleaner (always read dilution instructions as heavy industrial cleaners will remove and fade colours.)

Wallpaper Stripping
Best way to strip wallpaper - is with a steamer machine you can either hire or buy. Ideal on most wallpaper, waterproof vinyls and painted over papers will probably need keying up with a sharp knife first. You can use a brush/sponge with a bucket of water, but whichever you choose, safety first, caution around electric sockets and light switches.

Keep maintenance up!
Save yourselves money by keeping up regular maintenance such as painting/ treating exterior surfaces. keep you drains clear by using a proprietary drain cleaner or even soda crystals and boiling water down each of your plugholes at regular intervals.

Main stop cock and any valves on airing cupboard etc at regular intervals turn clockwise/anti clockwise to stop washers locking.

If gutters overflow in wet weather check for moss build up in gutter or possible blockage in down pipe - remember safety with ladders!

Knocking a Wall Down?

Any construction you wish to undertake always check with local building inspectors office. It will save you time and money in the long run, i.e. if you are thinking of porches, conservatories, garages, loft conversions etc.

Leave it to the professionals! If you don't know if the wall is load bearing there could be BIG trouble.We will make sure the job is done in the safest and quickest way possible.
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